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Mental Health Counseling – Cypress, TX

You may have found your way here because there is something in your life that is just not working for you. Are you going through a stressful time? Are you feeling that there is something about your life that is unfulfilling? Here at Lone Star Behavioral Health, we do not believe that people come to our facility because they are “sick” or “broken” inside. Every human being on this planet faces tough challenges and obstacles. The most authentic and satisfying parts of our self are lost somewhere in the shadows. That is not an illness…that is life and we can help you find yourself and live in the light.

Mental Health Counseling and Treatment in Cypress Texas

Lone Star Behavioral Health provides an array of mental health counseling services for members of the Cypress community and their significant others. We help individuals and families with everything from single episode to mild to severe persistent mental illness. Our treatment programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual and draws from a variety of approaches. We place a special emphasis on strengths-based counseling because we believe in the power and ability of each person to heal themselves.

We are fully licensed, certified and accredited by the Texas State Department of Health & Human Services. All counseling sessions are provided by licensed mental health counselors or supervised masters-level interns.

We provide individual, couples, family, and group counseling and can help you work through all kinds of life issues.

Have you been thinking about Counseling? Is it time for a change?

It takes a tremendous amount of courage and strength to face mental health issues. The Lone Star staff is dedicated to helping you with this task. We are very familiar with your doubts, concerns, and fears, but we are eager to help all clients that are wanting to change their lives for the better.

The assembly of our licensed medical treatment teams and our unique treatment programs are the core of our success at Lone Star Behavioral Health.

You CAN make a change right now. You CAN get help. If you have any questions or need guidance, call us now (281) 516-6200.