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30903 Quinn Rd Tomball, TX 77375

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About Our Psychiatric Hospital System in Houston, TX.

Along with his wife Lindy, Mr. Ingram owns and operates Lone Star Behavioral Health, a Texas-based psychiatric hospital system with facilities in Tomball and Cypress. Mr. Ingram’s message offers hope and recovery for people who are scared, downhearted or emotionally distressed. An avid outdoorsman, family man and entrepreneur, Ingram weaves personal experience with long reflection to deliver solid and fruitful life lessons. His book “Christ at the Coffee Shop” is an expression of his beliefs related to God’s intervention into the lives of common men.

      Mr. Ingram lives on a ranch in Magnolia, TX with his wife and family, where they raise and breed registered North American Quarter and Paint Horses for their Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program. For a sampling of ranch life, please visit their web site at

Speaking Engagements

Mr. Ingram expresses his beliefs with passionate yet lighthearted conviction. His rural upbringing lends an earthy tone of simplicity with an easy-going manner that invites the audience into a quiet celebration of life. He donates his time to share these messages with your group.

Raising Hope:
It’s Better Than Killing Yourself

Hope is the great antidote to despair. It is an essential principle of recovery. Despair kills you; hope offers life. Ingram recommends the latter.

Leaping At The Lions:
How To Keep Fear From Scaring You To Death

No need to rush your own demise, yet many do. Fear does strange things, robbing you of good sense and proper discretion. It also hurts your body, producing stress which leads to heart disease, which kills you early. You’ll eventually die, anyway. Why not procrastinate?

We Assure Our Psychiatric Hospital Patients That There is Hope